My Top 5 Nail Polish Buys




1. Sally Hansen Ridge Filler Base Coat

Photo 9-09-2015 12 37 56 pmI never used to use a Base coat when applying my nail polish but after slowly being influenced by other Nail Art addicts (I love @OhmyGoshpolish) I decided to start using one to balance out the light grooves I had in my nails to give it more of a smooth and professional look. I’ve been very happy with this Sally Hansen “Ridge Filler” Base coat and it is now one of my staples and easily accessible at my local Chemist for a reasonable price 🙂


2. Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat

Photo 9-09-2015 12 37 41 pm

@OhMyGoshPolish also used to mention that she would usually finish off her designs with her Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat polish. I hadn’t heard of it before and decided to give it a try. I purchased it for around $10-$12 on eBay and have been super happy with the results. I used to use the OPI Fast Dry Top Coat, but this one goes on a lot smoother and thick, with no annoying bubbles! This will definitely be my go to for the future! It also dries and sets super quickly and prevents chipping at work very well.


3. Revitanail Instant Dry Drops

Photo 9-09-2015 12 38 05 pm

I’m a true believer in the benefits of using dry drops when doing my nails, and so far, this Revitanail Dry Drops have been working well. the only problem is that it doesn’t have a suctioned eye-dropper to apply so it hard to control the drops, but i do find the solution reasonably nourishing compared to others i have tried. It has lasted a reasonably long time though and definitely helps the drying process!


4. Redwin Coconut Oil Balm

Photo 9-09-2015 3 25 46 pm

This has been a reasonably new addition to my nightly routine. I have a terrible habit of picking my skin around my nails and have started using this to deeply moisturize my cuticles. I love it so far as it isn’t too greasy and oily (which i something I HATE with hand moisturises!) and it lasts quite a while on the nail beds. So I have had good results so far and hope to keep that going! – Although I am awaiting on a delivery of a specialised cuticle oil that was recommended to me from so I will keep you updated!


5. Glass Nail File

Photo 9-09-2015 12 38 50 pm

This by far is my best and most favourite purchase ever when it come to my nails. I saw it a few years ago at a chemist and originally thought it was a bit too expensive (the smaller size was around $15 and the larger $20-22 from memory) but Ii was definitely intrigued so purchased the smaller one to start off with, and then went back to buy the larger size as well.
They are amazing!! They are gentle to the nail, great at smoothing and shaping, dont leave any gritty residue and don’t seem to go ‘flat’ and lose its grain. Such a great investment – I truly recommend everyone give them a try.
A similar website to purchase from I found was:


I hope you have enjoyed reading my experiences with these products, which are my definite staples at the moment!

Please let me know any questions or comments below! – Anything you suggest I try?? I’d love to know  🙂




Ellena Rosalyn  Xx





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