Product Review: L’Oreal ‘Lash Paradise’ Mascara

Today I’m reviewing the hugely popular US favourite L’Oreal ‘Lash Paradise’ Mascara after it finally arrived today!

This mascara has been a huge hit with US based YouTubers since its release a couple of months ago and has been heralded as the dupe for the iconic Too Faced ‘Better Than Sex’ Mascara (you can read my review of it here).

As my Too Faced mascara was about to run out I was super keen to grab this as its replacement however through a process of research and subsequent disappointment I found out the L’Oreal mascara wasn’t available internationally until next year!

So off to eBay I went…

I purchased this from a reputable seller in the US, and including postage I ended up buying it for around $25 AU – about the same RRP price of most L’Oreal mascaras here.







After one coat:



After two coats:



… and wow the results are actually AMAZING!!….

You can really feel the brush grab and evenly coat your lashes and the product builds and thickens really quickly. As the formula isn’t overly dry, you can also re-apply quickly and the lashes build in volume instantly. It also dries with a soft feel and doesn’t least your lashes feel crunchy, stiff or spiky as I find other more wet formulas often do.

If you also can’t wait to purchase and can relate to my impatient personality – try this search to find a seller you agree with!



Ellena Rosalyn xx




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