Product Review: Maybelline “Full ‘N Soft” VS Two Faced “Better Than Sex”

Mascara Wars

Me and one of my besties ‘Quinn Quinn’ and I went for a random make up shop the other day and after commenting on her amazing lashes she pushed me into trying what she was wearing.

We went to MECCA where they stock all of the exclusive overseas brands, and the sales girl (Who I actually used to work with in my current job – go figure!) agreed I should definitely try it as it was their best seller.

Now, I have been a Maybelline ‘Full ‘N Soft’ girl since I was 14 and began wearing mascara. Nothing else has ever compare to its versatility for me. And I have tried many-a-brands. High end and lower end brands. From Lancôme to Dior and Rimmel to Clinique, but nothing for me has ever been as suitable.

For me I love a full looking black lash, that lasts day and night and is soft not dry and spiky or clumpy as other brands often felt. Or they just didn’t last the day for me.

Confessions time: I often sleep in my Mascara. And my ‘Full ‘N Soft’ always let me get away with it – with no bad repercussions.

But then along came Two Faced “Better Than Sex” and a bestie who encourages, and for the first time I can say I may replace my trusty Maybelline as my daily mascara.

I find its application easier and a lot faster to create my desired effect – which is for thick, long, luscious looking lashes.

Ways that I have tried to achieve this in the past is by using an eyelash undercoat, and also by not taking my mascara off every night – as I found that it was easier to build on the next day!

Too Faced “Better Than Sex” mascara however, does this with only two applications as it is formulated to build on itself by not drying as quickly and the shape of the wand actually genuinely increases curl! I DO still use my eyelash curler, but it means I can get away with not always needing it depending on my desired look.

The first time I tried it on in store, I was so surprised and actually couldn’t stop staring at my gorgeous looking lashes afterwards. My friend re-applied it as well and looked like she had false lashes on!

The only flaw for me is that I find it doesn’t last as long and crumbles off a bit easier than the Maybelline. Although it does still last the majority of the day, I find Maybelline “Full ‘N Soft” does last longer.


For me, the Too Faced “Better Than Sex” mascara feels like a geniune upgrade in my eyelash arsenal for the first time, and I definitely recommend you to try it for yourself.


You can buy Too Faced “Better Than Sex” Mascara from Mecca HERE

and Maybelline “Full ‘N Soft” Mascara from Priceline HERE





Left: Too Faced “Better Than Sex”                   Right: Maybelline “Full ‘N Soft”






I hope you enjoyed reading my first Product Review and viewing my first ever Video!

Have you ever tried these two brands?

What are your thoughts?





Ellena Rosalyn  Xx



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