My Top 5 Hair Removal Tips!

Over the years I have tried many different ways for hair removal to find out which was most effective more my Sensitive Skin and dark hair and now I feel  have finally found the perfect regime for myself and have decided to it share with you!

So here we have it! – My Top 5 Hair Removal Tips


1. Laser Hair Removal

This has become a bigger and bigger industry and as a result the prices have started to drastically reduce! In some cases you would be paying the same for a wax – so why not get a permanent solution?

I have had amazing results and always got the prices on a sale such as underarms and bikini for $30 a session! The only thing to be aware of are the places that don’t specialise, AND what type of laser they are using. I have tried both IPL hair reduction and Laser, and proper high-grade laser is much more effective!
Of course this all depends on your skin colour and hair type but if you are pale with dark hair (like me) you will see amazing results.

For example – I used to have to shave my legs everyday, but couldn’t as I would get severe ingrown hairs and shaving rash (no matter how much I exfoliated). Now I only have very light blond hair and only shave once every 10 days.

Laser is my god send.

I highly recommend Australian Skin Clinics – They have great prices (and sales!) and the highest quality machines.



2. High Quality Men’s Razor

Now this is something I have been using for years and have got all my girlfriends onto. The difference between the Gillette 5 blade and a Venus is unbelievable, so much so that when I tried a Venus again it felt like I was ripping off skin it was so harsh in comparison!I now only use the Gillette Fusion 5 Blade razor – and all my girlfriends agree – its much smoother and lasts longer!



3. Use HAIR CONDITIONER instead of Shaving Cream

This came about one day by accident as I had run out of shaving cream and I haven’t looked back since. Not only does it mean that you need less product taking up space in your shower but it leaves your skin feeling silky smo

oth and moisturised.

Its like using a shaving cream and skin moisturiser in one – plus I think it’s better for the razor and your hair as it softens the hairs, instead of any drying soap used in Shaving Cream. Seriously give this one a go – you’ll see what I mean 🙂

The only drawback is that you don’t see where you have already shave over like you would with a shaving foam or cream, but the results for my skin far outweigh the problem.



4. Use an Electric Razor

I discovered using a women’s electric razor around 5 years ago, and it turned out to be a game changer for me. When shaving my legs I would easily get (painful!) shaving rash if I had to shave while it was too short, but an electric shaver solved that for me!

I still got a close shave that felt smooth – although not as silky smooth as a shave would – but now without any rash. It is much more gentle to use on (dry) skin, the only problem is that is does take a little more time, and you can only do it on very dry skin. For example, it would often catch on my underarm skin as it was never as dry as my legs.

The one I use today is called the Phillips Ladyshave Sensitive, and i swear by it! you can find similar here.


5. Creme Bleach

The final way I find effective in “hair removal” is to bleach any darker hair in delicate places – such as the face, or places where I have found it difficult to keep looking good without the inevitable stubble factor like arms. Even though it’s not ‘removal’ as such, it does make it a lot less unsightly and potentially natural. The Andrea Extra Strength Creme Bleach is my product of choice as it is a lot faster and easier to mix than the other traditional powder and creme packs. I even save product by doing one place (eg: arms) first and then taking it off with a spatula or butter knife and re-applying it on the other. (Just a little bonus tip for you 😉  ) You can purchase it at Priceline and Chemist Warehouse. This particular product also lightens the hair to a much blonder more natural colour instead of an unflattering orange toned colour! (not a risk I like to take, haha).

I hope you liked this article, and please comment below any other hair removal tips you have!


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Ellena Rosalyn  Xx



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